Wii Trial Ends ... No Winners!

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Wii Trial Ends ... No Winners!

Post by adam_bomb » Thu Oct 29, 2009 3:12 pm

This will have a very chilling effect on radio. And it raises many questions.

How do you put a value on a person's life? How was anyone at KDND to know that Mrs. Strange had been practicing and was pretty water-logged before the contest even began?

There are really NO WINNERS here. The family lost, and a number of talented broadcasters also lost their jobs in the process.

A sad chain of events -- that will drag on and on and on. Entercom is owned by lawyers -- do you think they are gonna let this go without appeal?

Don't bet on it.

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Re: Wii Trial Ends ... No Winners!

Post by chrr » Thu Oct 29, 2009 5:05 pm

I hope they do appeal it and I definitely hope Entercom won't have to cough up this crazy sum of money. I really don't think it was the company and the station's fault. I think if anyone should cough up the money it's the FCC. They're supposed to regulate the radio industry when it's out of line. They could have threatened KDND with some fines once they'd found out they were to hold such a contest. But they didn't and you want to know why? 107.9 The end wasn't the first station to conduct this type of contest. What they did wasn't considered illegal, and nobody forced any of the contestants to participate in it.

It's tragic when a person's life comes to an end too soon, but the woman in question made a conscious decision to participate in a station contest. The on-air jocks even warned (or mocked) contestants of what holding your pee could lead to. Contestants were able to pull out of the race at anytime. The woman who died didn't even die at the station, but rather when she got home.

I think this type of contest should have never been carried out in the first place, but as we know other stations had already done it in the past, and nobody told KDND it couldn't go through with such an event.

What the radio industry, especially morning shows, are guilty of is having a "seat of my pants" attitude.Morning shows overthink the small stuff as far as morning show prep goes, but they underthink the dangerous stuff.

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Re: Wii Trial Ends ... No Winners!

Post by kellybgood » Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:09 pm

I agree.. there definitely wasn't much thought put into this and I agree with appealing this decision. Again, the girl went into the station on her own and knew exactly what the competition was. Its a horrible tragedy that happened but 16 million dollars is just unheard of.

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