Killing Yourself As A Creature of Habit

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Killing Yourself As A Creature of Habit

Post by bigstew » Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:12 am

Every morning I get up when my alarm clock goes off, I stumble out of the bed, and wearily make my way to the bathroom where I start the shower to let it get hot, and then stuff a toothbrush in my mouth. I scrub the chompers clean, spit, rinse, and climb into that warm waterfall that awakens my senses to the point where I can make it down the stairs and get the coffee pot brewing. While the aroma of that sweet Colombian Gold wafts through the house, I go into another bedroom (because my wife has the entire master bedroom closet full of her stuff) and get dressed for the day. I swing back into the kitchen, grab my trustee to go travel mug full of the nectar of the gods, and head out the door. I drive pretty much the same route to the office daily, where I park in the same spot. I remove the keys from my right pocket, open the door, turn off the alarm, and then head to my office. I am truly a creature of habit! I tell you all this because I am embarrassed by it!

In an industry that is ever changing and evolving, being a creature of habit is a concrete way of letting radio pass you by! We are supposed to be creative! Innovators! What is creative and innovating about doing the same thing day after day! Welcome to groundhog day in radio. Many of us suffer from always doing what we have always done, day in day out, day after day, month after month. Why? Well by human nature we all like to get into a comfort zone, but a lot of us do it because 18 years ago we had a number one book using the formula that worked. We keep trying to recreate that high so to speak! It is the equivalent of an addict chasing that first high, you wont ever experience that again.

So why continue to do the same things over and over? Are you challenging yourself to be better, bolder, bigger? If you aren’t, look out because there is someone who is doing that, and they will soon be doing your job! So how can you not get into the “habit rut,” and if you are in it, can you get yourself out? The simple answer to that is yes, but you have to ask yourself some difficult questions! Check your ego at the door and look around you, inside the station and out. If you’re a 50 year old man, and telling everyone on your staff what a 30 year old female thinks, that is a little presumptuous don’t you think? I digress that is an entire conversation of its own. What I am saying here, is why not ask people, use people around you, exploit your resources.

This is especially important in music selection during your weekly music adjustments, in imaging your station, and of course in how you present your on air content. Radio should always take you back to the ABC's. I don’t mean the fundamentals of radio 101, I mean ALWAYS BE CHANGING! Stay hip, stay fresh, and stay relevant! It isn’t about doing the most outrageous things (although they can sometimes be a great conversation starter around the water cooler) but rather about being the station that is ahead of the curve, that cannot execute like the competitor, and that can provide for their audiences in ways they haven’t thought of! I cannot tell you how to do that, because every decision is different, but if you are always looking to be the change, that in and of itself will create excitement, and that will in turn get you listeners excited and passionate about your product!


See you on the radio!

~Big Stew

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