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Country Mix Show

Post by vdjjd » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:11 am

Hello and hope everyone is having a blessed day.

My Name is Joshua

I am a mixing DJ, that focuses on country with a focus on the newer country but can mix in some classics. I am looking to provide a country mix show for stations my resume' is solid. I build the individual song remixes myself and work for some of the best remixing services that provide remixes and edits to DJs. Below is my resume of current production work both audio and video, also a link to a short country mix with hype in it, I can mix the country with or without the hype. Some markets like it some don't. My remixes and edits have been used by big country dj's Like DJ Sinister, of Big and Rich, DJ Silver with Jason Aldean, and DJ rock with Luke Bryan. Both on tour and in their mix shows...

If any program director would be interested in country mixes with or without hype intros please feel free to contact me.

Here is the country mix demo ... mo-9901324

A Country Mash Up ... --10068001

here is my website

Video Editor
Club and Urban Series Dance Series

Mixshow Tools
Country Genre Audio Remix and Video Editor
Video Editor for All Genres

Country Video editor and remixer

Country Remixer

Country DJ Pool
Country Remixer

Late Night Record Pool
Featured Country Remixer

Respectfully and Humbly

VDJ JD the V is for Video


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