the original band The Eagles is preparing for the continuing

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the original band The Eagles is preparing for the continuing

Post by allaboutrock » Fri Feb 26, 2010 7:35 am

A few days ago CC Entertainment presented a rock concert paying a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands ever created, The Eagles. The Laycock St Theatre was filled to capacity. Among the guest singers who performed classical pieces like Hotel California, Desperado, Heartache Tonight, New Kid in Town, Tequila Sunrise and Take It To The Limit, were Kevin Bennett of The Flood, Simon Meli of Ooh la la, Steve Balbi of Noiseworks, Robyn Loau, Spencer Jones, Louise Anton and Kristal Collins, and Jenny Morris. Joseph Calderazzo directed the band and clearly enjoyed himself. He shared that all performers love the music of The Eagles and that made the concert so special.
Currently the original band The Eagles is preparing for the continuing of their tour in support of their number one album of 2007, The Long Road Out Of Eden. The album is the band’s first studio album since The Long Run, released in 1979. But that has never stopped the band from touring and when Billboard released the list of the top touring acts of the last decade, The Eagles surely made it into it. They reached the 12th spot with nearly $350 million dollars from a total of 240 shows. It appears that when your music is great, you don’t need to make an album every two years to sell concert tickets.
The Eagles Spring 2010 tour will visit Los Angeles, Phoenix, Anaheim, Sacramento, San Jose, and the only Canadian stop in the schedule, Vancouver where the band will perform two shows. The Eagles shows will kick off in the middle of April and will end with the Vancouver shows on May 10.
In the mean time there are many The Eagles tribute bands touring not only around the US, but also in other continents. One of the newest tribute bands named after the famous album of The Eagles’ The Long Run is from Colorado. It consists of Mark Trippensee, Tony Stevens, Steve Glotzer, Doug Krause and Greg Klicker. They were formed a year ago. The Eagles Story is another tribute band, this time from Melbourne.
The fact that new and new tribute bands are created all the time proves that the music the original Eagles have created will never die.

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Re: the original band The Eagles is preparing for the continuing

Post by ibizamitch » Thu Mar 11, 2010 9:30 pm

Just heard about this too! This is gonna be huge!! I'm pumped for the show and I can't wait to see the audience its going to bring.

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