Radio and the music it plays

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Radio and the music it plays

Post by pbergin » Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:35 am

We've been arguing ad infinitum about the fees artist want radio to pay for the "privilege" of playing their masterworks on the air. I suggested a long time ago that radio could take control of the situation by seeking out, recording and promoting local acts who would (in return for the aforementioned) agree to forfeit such fees. I also said that it was well within the capabilities of most radio stations to do so, with a minimum of investment. Both time, and money. Here's proof of what you can do.

My guitar player came up with an Ozzie inspired guitar lick for "Monster Mash." I used to interview Bobby Pickett every year at Halloween and do "Battling Boris" with him, so the vocal part of the thing was no problem for me. We did this in my basement with no more than $1000 worth of equipment including the drums I used, all the mikes (3 condensers and 3 dynamics), and the Fostex 16 Track workstation. It took us an hour to lay down the tracks. I mixed the thing on Audacity (free) using the LADSPA plug ins for plate verb, eq and compression.

If three old farts can do this, anybody can.

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Re: Radio and the music it plays

Post by hategun » Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:07 pm

Now THAT is a good idea. Break up some of the shitty corporate programming that reduces playlists to 12 songs on repeat, and give some local bands a chance to build a following. Give the DJs back some of the discretion they used to have, where guys with good ears are getting to decide what gets played, regardless of whether it's from a label or has management's blessing. Turn radio back into a place for music discovery instead of a place for "THIS song again?! They just played this an hour ago!"

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Re: Radio and the music it plays

Post by pfisher » Tue Oct 27, 2009 6:01 pm

I've been forced to listen to KISS FM lately -- oh my god, shoot me now. 12 songs on repeat is an exaggeration. It's more like 10.

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