What is Radio doing...

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What is Radio doing...

Post by hammondgreen » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:07 am

We are bombarded with fairly consistent negatives about Radio in 2009. Hard to believe that as an industry everything is broken. What do you think Radio is doing better in now as opposed to years ago?

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by spearman » Wed Oct 14, 2009 8:39 am

Radio doing something better??? I think it's making LOTS of BAD decisions. Here in L.A. there's still SOME good jocks on air, but for the most part....save your money and don't even hire jocks. I hear jocks that sound like they should be in Indianapolis and others that couldn't even get hired there. PLEASE make radio compelling again and use the ONLY weapon you have to fight technology...PERSONALITY!! Entertain, inform (and I don't mean just plug your stupid web sites) give me something that sticks out and I remember you by. Before we put radio on Iphones , make sure the product is strong again or else it's a waste. The other day I heard an adlet on 98.7 and it was promoting the IPOD Nano "NOW WITH FM TUNER" and they followed it with A STOPSET !!! They play these annoying things between songs so AT LEAST position it there or even going OUT of a stopset. We need some smart people in radio again and bring back the fun, the unpredictability and make the radio your friend again, someone you WANT to hang out with!

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by warpfactor » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:23 am

The ONLY thing that radio is doing right is saving money , but it's at the expense of the rest of the industry .

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by adam_bomb » Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:23 pm

Nahhhhhhhhhhh ... Warpfarter, you have it all wrong! Radio is still doing lots of good things in the community ... it's just that you and your "Debby Downer" penguins only see that the glass is half empty, not half full.

The entire world is different today -- get over the issues and yourself. Take another Prozac and try and see the good in something, for once in your pathetic life!

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by tbecka » Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:45 am

My audience and advertisers don't know radio is a mess. I work hard to give a fresh compelling show every day. Is it different now than it was 10 years ago? Yes. But that connection you make with your audience is still the same. Quit bitching and work hard to make your show as good as possible. Even in these challenging times it's still the best job out there.

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by ramenless » Mon Oct 19, 2009 7:30 pm

There is still good work being done in radio. Some of it is for companies everyone hates. Some of it is in big markets, some not. Maybe it's not the same as it used to be, but there's good stuff being done. Things are bad, but you can't paint the whole industry as being uniformly sucky.

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by hategun » Thu Oct 22, 2009 2:00 pm

The radio industry sucks in every way possible.

This is not to say that the PEOPLE suck -- there are lots of guys doing good work -- but the industry as a whole, in terms of understanding the sea change in culture brought on by the internet, is completely fucked.

It's like spearman said: The iPod has an FM Tuner? Who gives a shit? Not anybody under 40, that's for sure.

The entire radio industry is deluded into thinking that radio does anything better than the internet. It's simply not true. Everything that radio does, the internet can do better. The internet does local better, does music better, does advertising better, and can do personality better too.

But radio is run by radio people, so it's like a huge echo chamber, with everyone telling everyone else why radio is still viable. Meanwhile, non-radio people are busy creating new technology that will put a stake in the heart of radio once and for all.

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by tstone » Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:03 am

I disagree. Radio can go local and go personal where people live like no other medium. Not to mention, it's far cheaper to take advantage of. The idea that the internet is all is ridiculous. The internet is just the "new" thing. It won't be the leviathan that swallows all.

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by jjenkins » Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:08 pm

I love these idiots who say to make radio interesting and show some personality, as if its the jocks fault. Radio is not nearly as important as it used to be and if you show any damn personality you are fired or told to shut up. It's not like back in the old days when you could get picked up for being "interesting." Half the time no one even knows you were fired, what you said and honestly most companies want to avoid the headache while they are just struggling to make budget. Radio as an entertaining medium is over. Even if you did say something or do something interesting and full of personality, no one even notices anymore with all of the other entertainment options available.

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Re: What is Radio doing...

Post by teckstuff » Fri Nov 27, 2009 3:07 pm

Spearmen is right. L.A. radio mostly sucks. I used to listen to KLSX online (since I'm in NorCal). Even with the #1 midday show, they shut down the station. So ratings don't mean anything either? The bottom line is the only thing that matters any more. Personalities worth listening to is why listener's listen...

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