What Has Radio Come To ??

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What Has Radio Come To ??

Post by musicman » Tue May 04, 2010 9:36 am

... Today we are saddened by the passing of one Radio's Premiere Broadcasters, Dave Reinhart. Dave gave his heart, soul, and time to make our industry a better place.

For ALL of us, It is a sad state of affairs that we give our all, our time, passions, our hopes, take time away from our family, and we forget to stop and enjoy the life God has given us. In return, we are treated like a piece of toilet paper by the owners & manager of radio stations.

Keep in mind that a radio station is nothing more than a tower, a transmitter, and a bunch of equipment. it is the PEOPLE that bring it alive and make it work.

Some say iPod and Satellite is now today's source of entertainment. My question is why?

It is because we forget "what made Radio Famous". It was DJ's with something to say that was entertaining, fun, local, and related to the listeners. Where can you find that now ???

My experience over the past few years is in the smaller markets. That is why I tell people that Los Angeles, New York, Chicago is NOT what you think it is. Low Pay, your are treated like a slave, and fired at the drop of a hat !

Since 1972, Radio in L.A. has become a cesspool of bad radio. We refer to it out here as the place where DJ's & Programmers come to "get bad". If Ryan Seacreast is the “Benchmark” of success and what radio should be today.... WE ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE ! You should hear his day-to-day show. Sounds like something in market 200. It is very sad our industry has come down to this.

No creative, no fun, no local info, just a drone of music liked a jukebox.

It is very sad. I worked in L.A. in the 70's when it was exciting, fun, and your could feel the electricity of the market. Now is it is just another big, dirty town with boring radio.

Tom Watson
Burbank, California

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Re: What Has Radio Come To ??

Post by kyhyfm » Tue May 04, 2010 11:36 am

Awesome statement, very true through and through.
Jerry D Burbank, Ca.

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Re: What Has Radio Come To ??

Post by morganize » Mon Sep 20, 2010 6:44 am

Tom...this is a well-stated case for the need for better people at the top. Experience is something that exists only in rare situations today. Stations are looking for those who can trim the expenses and "get it done with the lowest possible investment". The exact same scenario exists in sales and management. Hire people with no previous broadcast experience or knowledge, train them fast, grab their first account and give it the to Sr. Acct. Exec. and find another college grad, hungry for a break into radio. It's sad and the results show in the struggle to regain ground from diminishing revenues and erosion in ratings. "

A major market Sales Manager told me just last week, "No" from a sales prospect means that the sales person should immediately "move on". Where is the passion in this business? What has radio come to?

You hit the nail on the head, Tom!

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Re: What Has Radio Come To ??

Post by CarterManGod » Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:36 pm

The saddest part of all, is that it's just dawning on some people now. When people say, "Radio has changed," this is what they're talking about. Radio is dead, and only it's lifeless corpse is left walking around like a mindless zombie. That's actually a pretty good analogy- we the talent, are just walking around like zombies doing our thing, oblivious to the fact that 'the powers that be' are just stalking around chopping our heads off in the dying land of radio. In fact, the term 'talent' is more of an insult than a description these days.

I see so many job postings now where they're asking for a Host, but in quotations next to it it'll say "jock." Is this job poster under the belief that anyone doesn't know what a Host is? Or are they laying the groundwork early to keep the dog in line? Radio has changed forever, and it's not dead yet, but it is slowly being bled to death for a few to squeeze out what's left of the money. Just look at TV- I used to tune in all the time to see trained actors & comedians reciting well written dialogue in any number of original and interesting storylines. Now, they pay Snooki & 16 year old pregnant kids because reality shows are cheaper. And actors, I'm sure are sitting around wondering where the art went- except the smart ones who start trashy reality shows of their own.

The suits aren't trying to provide anything artistic, fun or even good. They've shaved down a worn out formula & asked 19 year olds to 'relate' to their audiences for peanuts. They conveniently blame it on the economy, and spend the rest of the day scratching their heads at why it's so hard to sell. Oh, whoops- that's the economy too! Even if a miracle happened and radio started selling like hot cakes again, do you really think that radio would go back to the way it was? No way. They've learned that some people will work for nothing. Soon they'll be recruiting sales reps from the McDonald's drive-thru!

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Re: What Has Radio Come To ??

Post by CarterManGod » Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:40 pm

...Not trying to bring the room down or anything...

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