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Non-profit community radio looking for equipment donations

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 9:54 am
by mvaden
We are launching a new non-profit radio station in the Southeast Nashville neighborhood in the next few weeks, and we are looking for support from the larger music and media community to fill in some of the gaps we need for our shoestring-budget radio and recording studio.

After several years of gradual preparation, WDYO will go on the air in the next month or two on 104.1 FM, with a reach from downtown Nashville all the way south to Bell Road. It’s a community radio station run by working-class volunteer radio DJs doing our own music, news, and talk programming, including high-school and college-age students running weekly shows between class and side jobs. We’re working closely with the low-wage worker center Workers’ Dignity, which has been organizing with a membership base in South Nashville for over 7 years.

We are looking for any kind of studio, transmission, recording, or sound equipment (even furniture!) that the community can help provide as we launch- even small things like acoustic foam, headphones, mic stands, speakers, etc would be a huge help. Here’s a link to an incomplete list of the kind of equipment we are searching for:[/url][/url]]

To learn more about our radio project, check out our video here: ... 888757973/

If you’ve got any questions, equipment, or other resources to connect us to, contact Alan at or 615-348-8124